The Wateromatic is my automatic tomato plants watering system built with an Arduino NodeMCU (ESP8266) board.

The aim of this project is to be able to go on vacation for 10 days in July and have non-dead tomato plants when we return.

I will try to update this page with more text and detailed instructions, but here are som photos to show you the project.

These are the soil moisture sensors I’m using.

Small tomato plants. You can see a very early protoype of the watering system in the background.

This is the very early protoype for testing the motor. It has a push button and a LED at the top. The motor is run for a fixed period of time when the button is pressed. Worked fine, but it was not automatic.

Here is the sensor deep down in the soil. You can also see the water tube. (These are not tomato plants.)

Assembled Box

Changing the Microcontroller to a WiFi enabled NodeMCU board